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PORSCHE Sports Purpose kits

During the era of the early "Long Hood" PORSCHE 911 & 912 production, customers could special order performance accessories direct from the factory. From 1967 to 1973 a catalog was published outlining the different levels of "kit" customers could request to be installed on their new 911 or 912.


This department inside PORSCHE was known as "Sports Purpose". Rally, Group 2 & 3 Touring Car, Hill Climb and "Sustained High Speed Racing" packages could be requested. Roll bars, skid plates, wheels, engine upgrades, transmissions with special gear ratios, racing seats, limited slip differential, etc could be selected and your new PORSCHE outfitted as specified. Over the years, while race teams and racers ordered complete high performance spec builds, more decerning buyers would pick and chose from the long list of options making for performance minded factory street car builds capable of participating in local rallies and speed events if desired. 


If you enjoy driving your classic PORSCHE and wish to upgrade it's performance without permanent modificaitons we have the parts for you. Our goal is become the one stop shop for PORSCHE "Sports Purpose" accessories so modern day owners that enjoy their 911's & 912's on the tarmac, track day and occasional dirt rally stage can adequately, appropriately and authentically upgrade and protect these valuable, capable and popular touring and rally cars. 


Please enjoy the photo gallery provided for inspiration.



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