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Smart Battery Chargers/Maintainer/Tender For your Classic, Collector, Sports & Muscle Car

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We are the premier west coast dealer/distributors for CTEK 12 volt battery chargers. Automotive enthusiasts, home based restorers, and professionals need the best fully automatic "Smart" maintenance battery chargers to maintain their vehicles and service customers. CTEK is the premier manufacturer of "Smart" chargers/tenders, suitable for all types of batteries including conventional wet lead acid, AGM (like Optima), and GEL batteries. Also, recommended by the top high performance battery manufacturers and safe for all vehicle electronics.


CTEK MXS 5.0 Charger Maintainer with complimentary domestic shipping



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Now offering a combination 6 & 12 volt charger maintainer. The model 4000 charges conventional wet lead acid, AGM/Optima, Lithium ION/Lifepo4 and 6 volt. Great quality and an affordable introductory price of only $69.95 CALL TO ORDER


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949-722-1084 or 877-435-6911

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