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Woody's Custom Shop caters to the vintage sports cars and collector car enthusiasts and professional restoration shops by offering high quality yet budget minded restoration parts and audio solutions.


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Benefiting from over 35 years of hands-on experience and driven by a passion to seek out the best parts and solutions to your restoration needs, Woody's is here to make your projects go easier and keep some cash in your pocket for gas money.


We offer vintage look high powered iPOD ready AM FM Radios and upgraded Speakers for collector cars, sports cars, & classic VW, Porsche 356 and 911/912. Features include: AM FM AUX USB and Bluetooth


Woody's gives you 6 options for "Hidden" iPod/MP3 audio systems. Keeping your interior stock in appearance does not mean you cannot have modern audio quality. Available Bluetooth options. Our hidden systems are "The Classic Audio Solution"


We are a Hirschmann antenna dealer and we offer replacement antennas and our exclusive "Red Tip II" classic look antenna (fits PORSCHE 356, Mercedes 190SL & 300SL, & Volkswagen). Both manual and power antennas available


We are dealer/distributors for CTEK 12 volt battery chargers. Automotive enthusiasts, home based restorers, and professionals need the best fully automatic "Smart" maintenance battery chargers to maintain their vehicles and service customers. CTEK is the premier manufacturers of "Smart" chargers/tenders, suitable for all types of batteries including conventional wet lead acid, AGM (like Optima), and GEL batteries. Also, recommended by the top high performance battery manufacturers and safe for all vehicle electronics.


Custom hand made leather straps for 356/912/911. Both back seat luggage straps and Leitz roof rack straps available.


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