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PORSCHE 911 & 912 Parts and Accessories

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Working on and driving classic PORSCHE 911 & 912's has motivated us to put together just a few quality parts that we think owners and restorers will appreciate.


AM FM high power replacement radios. No modification needed, fits in the stock dash opening. iPod/MP3/Satellite AUX input, four channels (speaker output), classic looks similar to the Blaupunkt Frankfurt. Built in Bluetooth now available.


Replacement 911/912 dash speaker (1965-1974). Both upgraded dual cone speakers for original low power radios (Blaupunkt & Becker) or upgraded two way higher power speakers that pair with our upgraded 50-75 watt classic style high power radios. Compact high quality speaker enclosures are a great no modification solution to adding two more speakers to your audio system.


4X6 rear parcel shelf speakers for 911 models with plain black grills


Self contained component box speakers offered. True four speaker audio system without any modification. Compact size allows multiple mounting locations.


Three different CAD designed and CNC manufactured replacement radio dash panels, 1969-1973. Available in delete, original radio cut out, and modern DIN configurations.


Select Repair DIN or Delete


Radio dash panel repair and delete also available for 1965-1968. $9.95



Rear seat leather luggage straps for 911/912. Black or brown available.


Leitz roof rack 911/912 brown leather straps available $129



Beru spark plug cable sets for 912. Exclusive long and short bakelite stems, solid core copper wire, 7mm wires.


12 volt "smart" battery charger/maintainer/tender. No more dead batteries when you finally get around to driving your PORSCHE. Do you leave your car parked for days or weeks at a time? Extend the life of your battery and stop the frustration of low/dead batteries. Made by the same manufacturer as the official factory PORSCHE "charge-o-mat II" but ours is half the price.


Select CTEK Charger


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